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For 3x Versions

1. Unzip the downloded Zip file.
2. Upload files via Opencart admin -> Extensions -> Installer using the Upload button.
3. When zipper file is uploaded, Go to Admin -> Extensions -> Modification -> click the Refresh button in the top right corner.
4.Assign Permission to your User Group.
5. A menu of Product Combo  display on left Menus.
6. Now Product Combo is installed. Congratulations!

For 2x Versions

Manual Installation Via FTP

1. Connect to you server via FTP or log into cPanel file manager. Open OpenCart Root folder
2. Extract
3. Upload Files which is available under the ' Upload ' folder which you recently extracted.
4. Rename install.xml file to productcombo.ocmod.xml.
5. Now Go to Admin -> Extensions -> Modification -> click the Refresh button in the top right corner.
6. Assign Permission to your respected user group.
7. A menu of Product Combo appear on left Menus.
8. Now Product Combo is installed. Congratulations!


General Tab
Add Bundle Name , Description, sort Order and Enable the status

Make Bundle Tab
Select Bundle Product, Discount and Time Interval of Bundle

Links Tab
Select Select Multiple Store , Categories and Products

Bundle Setting
Add Page Title, Main Menu Name and Description

Enable or Disable the status of Module , add Limit and Product Image Width & Height

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